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The Inside Plan to Make Sure Biden Doesn’t Look Like an Old, Degenerating Mess In Public

President Biden discusses his 2024 re-election bid | Stephanie Ruhle via MSNBC

Democrat operatives are accused of concocting an “inside plan” to make President Joe Biden look vigorous and mentally fit to be president.

Beginning with the mainstream media, Americans have witnessed a notable shift as cable news anchor push talking points about Biden’s “mental sharpness.” During NBC’s coverage of Biden’s visit to the NATO summit in Lithuania, host Joe Scarborough claimed Biden was “very sharp” and “on top of everything.”

“The President is very sharp,” Scarborough claimed. “Some NATO leaders have told me they were very surprised because he’s so sharp and he’s on top of everything.”

Scarborough’s vocal support of Biden comes at a desperate time for Biden as polls show the majority of Americans believe he does not have the mental and physical health to serve as president.

The second part of the plan is to ensure there are no major primaries or debates on the Democratic side. It is critical for 80-year-old Biden to avoid the rigorous schedule of a national campaign.

The third part of the plan is ensuring Biden preserves his energy in every way possible. For example, it is customary on foreign trips for Biden to participate in dinners and nighttime socializing with world leaders once meetings are over. Biden skips these events.

Americans noticed that Biden has also started to use the shorter staircase when boarding Air Force One. The president has fallen or tripped at least 8 times since winning the 2020 election. Seven instances happened in public and one instance occurred at his home after a shower.

Despite this “inside plan” to show Biden as a strong and competent leader, his displays of frailty are too obvious to miss. Biden repeatedly devolves into “a mumbling, soporific mess,” political commentator Matt Vespa writes.

In February 2021, Biden tripped while boarding Air Force One as he prepared to depart for a trip to Europe. He stumbled again just one month later in March 2021 while walking up the stairs of Air Force One to depart for a trip to South Carolina.

Biden tripped in June 2021 while walking down the stairs of Air Force One to depart for a trip to Europe. In August 2021, Biden tripped while walking up the stairs of Air Force One as he prepared to depart for a trip to New York City.

He tripped again in October 2021 (walking down the steps) and again in February 2022 (walking up Air Force One steps).

Staircases aren’t Biden’s fiercest opponent as he appears to face even greater struggles in the mental arena. A poll from NBC found that the majority of Americans (68%) believe Biden does not have the mental and physical health to serve as president.

The poll also found that a staggering 43 percent of Democrats believe Biden is not mentally and physically healthy to serve as president. This concern among Democrats has doubled since 2020. Prior to 2020, just one in five Democrats were concerned about Biden’s mental acuity.

NBC found that 89% of Republicans agree that Biden does not have the cognitive or physicial abilities to be president.

Biden will be 82 years old in 2024 and claims he will seek re-election as the nominee of the Democratic Party. Given Biden’s long history of physical and mental struggles, it remains unclear whether the Democrat Party will rally behind him and win the White House.

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