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Dean Cain Speaks Out About Kid Suspended For Gadsden Flag

Jaiden Rodriguez, a Colorado student, has found himself in the spotlight after attempting to freely express his opinions by means of a backpack patch.

Superman actor Dean Cain showed support for Rodriguez, who was penalized for wearing a Gadsden flag patch on his backpack.

“Good job, Jaiden. It takes bravery to stand alone for what is right,” posted Cain.

Other celebrities have shown their support for Jaiden, including country music star John Rich.

The Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE) have pointed out that Jaiden’s battle may not be finished, despite the support.

A message to Ms. Rodriguez from the school, which was outlined in a letter from FIRE, stated that Jaiden’s ability to wear the patch has a condition.

“Ms. Rodriguez has informed FIRE that the only communication she received was from Harrison School District Superintendent Mike Claudio, who told her Jaiden could continue to display the Gadsden flag patch only so long as no staff member or student complained about it.”

“Jaiden also is still not allowed to display the FPC [Firearms Policy Coalition] patch on his backpack under any circumstances,” the school stated.

The letter went on to make clear that Harrison School District cannot “condition Jaiden keeping the Gadsden flag patch on his backpack on the absence of student or staff complaints. Without more, a single complaint about a student’s speech cannot constitute substantial disruption.”

“The First Amendment does not allow the ‘heckler’s veto’ as envisioned by the district’s assistant superintendent, where anybody can suppress a student’s speech or viewpoint simply by objecting to it,” the letter clarified.

Lastly, the letter pushed for the school to discontinue its efforts to censor its students, saying, “FIRE calls on The Vanguard School to immediately and publicly confirm it will allow Jaiden Rodriguez to display on his backpack at school his Gadsden flag and Firearms Policy Coalition patches—and any others that cause no substantial disruption—without facing punishment or removal, regardless of whether students or staff complain,”

“The most surprising and disappointing point about this kerfuffle is that, even at a reputable charter school with a classical curriculum, with an emphasis on teaching historic accuracy, staff needs to be schooled by parents that one of America’s founding flags has nothing to do with slavery,” Jon Caldara wrote in an Op-Ed for the Denver Gazette.

“Parents, you should not be intimidated to politely record your meetings with school administrators. In Colorado you do not need their permission or knowledge to do it secretly. Your kids’ futures lie in the balance.”

Caldara concluded, “Perhaps the most terrifying part of this is how groupthink can take one of the most patriotic flags of unity in our history and, over the course of just a few years, turn it into a symbol of division.”

“The considerably greater takeaway is parents should record their encounters with school officials. It might be the thing that guarantees an education for your child.”

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