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The Deepest Research Project Ever Conducted on Joe Biden

Photo illustration of Joe Biden via SDXL Images

Bestselling author Alex Marlow is releasing a new book that unveils groundbreaking revelations about corruption within the Biden family.

It’s being called, “The deepest research project ever conducted on Joe Biden.”

Marlow’s book, titled “Breaking Biden: Exposing the Hidden Forces and Secret Money Machine Behind Joe Biden, His Family, and His Administration,” is set to be released on October 3.

According to a source familiar with the book’s content, readers can expect to be astonished by the uncovered details.

The research includes Biden’s schemes to extract funds from government-connected entities worldwide, policy failures, and a pattern of prioritizing family finances over American citizens.

A source familiar with the book said, “Even people who think they know everything there is to know about the Bidens are going to be blown away by this book.”

“The details unearthed are astonishing: from schemes to extract cash from government-connected entities all over the world, to devastating policy failures, to repeatedly putting family finances above the American citizens Joe Biden supposedly serves, it’s all right there,” the source said. “The establishment media and Big Tech are desperate to keep these facts hidden through the 2024 election.”

Marlow explained, “For well over a year, I have been immersed in what may be the deepest research project ever conducted on Joe Biden, his family, and those who have aided and abetted his rise to power.”

“I have gone to painstaking efforts to keep this material under wraps until this point. In virtually every area of Joe Biden’s life, I found more corruption, deception, and personal enrichment than I had anticipated. I had been following the Bidens for fifteen years before I took on this investigation, and I was consistently stunned throughout the process.”

Author Peter Schweizer congratulated Marlow as “one of the few journalists who does the deep research to break real news.”

“He reports fearlessly, wherever the facts may lead, holding the most powerful people in the world to account,” Schweizer said. “Breaking Biden is essential reading if you want to know the hard truths about this presidency and the American power structure itself.”

“Thanks to the success of Breaking the News – as well as my partnership with Peter Schweizer – I was able to recruit some of the best researchers imaginable. They dazzled me with what they uncovered,” Marlow said. “The amount of material we have could have filled volumes.”

“From his family’s corruption, to his political record, to his lifetime of lies, Breaking Biden is the definitive and truthful look at the sum total of Joe Biden,” according one source. “There is nothing like this book, period.”

Marlow, who partnered with the Government Accountability Institute (GAI) for this investigation, described the extensive research process as revealing more corruption, deception, and personal enrichment than anticipated.

Marlow emphasized his commitment to journalistic rigor, evident in the book’s substantial 1,600 endnotes.

He stressed the unassailable nature of the facts presented in “Breaking Biden” and highlighted the establishment’s potential efforts to suppress them.

Marlow believes that if every American reads this book, it could mark the end of Joe Biden’s career and impact many others within his sphere of influence.

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