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Jack Smith Eyeing Even More Charges For Trump

Special Counsel Jack Smith appears to be gearing up for a potential array of fresh charges against former President Donald Trump in his federal case alleging election interference.

The latest allegations suggest that Trump improperly raised political funds for the examination of voting machines, which he asserted had unlawfully tallied non-existent votes in favor of President Joe Biden across multiple states.

Documentation obtained by CNN reveals that Smith is delving into the activities of the non-profit organization associated with former Trump attorney Sydney Powell, known as Defending the Republic.

This organization had collected funds following the 2020 election to conduct examinations of voting machines in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Arizona—states won by Biden.

Powell herself faces charges filed by Democratic Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, accusing her of conspiring to manipulate voting machines. Smith’s investigative focus may extend to include Powell as well.

According to insiders close to Smith’s inquiry, witnesses have been questioned about how Powell’s non-profit amassed funds to support various legal challenges mounted by Trump’s legal team. These challenges involved seeking legal stays, recounts, and various maneuvers to prevent the certification of electors, whom they alleged had been chosen based on fraudulent elections.

Invoices obtained by CNN indicate that Defending the Republic raised and expended millions of dollars toward these objectives. Powell has consistently asserted that she was not involved in any illegal access to ballot machines in Georgia, where she faces charges.

Post-election legal challenges are a customary occurrence, and presidential campaigns have frequently relied on legal defense funds in the past.

The Biden Justice Department’s decision to file charges against Powell, President Trump, and numerous others has failed thus far to show any efforts crossed the line from protected free speech to unlawful conduct.

Already, Smith has charged President Trump with organizing alternative electors whom he contended could replace those in states where he believed voting machines had malfunctioned.

As part of his ongoing case against Trump, Smith is invoking Civil War-era statutes to argue that the former President leveraged his position to incite a riot on January 6th, leading his supporters to breach the Capitol.

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