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Transgender Woman Faces Disturbing Lawsuit From Sorority Sisters

Artemis Langford sits for an interview via MSNBC

The far-left network at MSNBC devoted an entire segment to promoting Artemis Langford, the first ever biological man to join a sorority.

Langford has also been accused by six sorority sisters of disturbing and threatening sexual harassment, according to Federalist Staff Writer Evita Duffy-Alfonso.

21-year-old Langford is part of a lawsuit from six women at the University of Wyoming women who claim Kappa Kappa Gamma’s organization is liable for serious criminal behavior following the admission of Langford into the women’s group.

MSNBC’s Yasmin Vossoughian introduced Langford as “the very brave woman at the center of it all.”

“It’s been a very difficult year to say the least,” Langford said.

“The sheer surreal-ness of being in a media cycle again and again even though I didn’t necessarily want to be, given all this attention because of my identity,” Langford continued.

“And then the sheer terror of being in a lawsuit and not knowing what’s happening next, especially with threats online and harassment both physically and online.”

“It’s been very hard on myself and those that are in my chapter, and campus in general has been very affected because of that,” Langford added.

Langford said some “very smart people” from the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority are “on my side.”

“I am very glad to have such great supportive sisters in my chapter,” she said.

“As a sorority, Kappa to me demonstrates so much about very wonderful values from loyalty to courage to trailblazing.”

“I want people to know that everything that they’ve experienced, I’m certainly not the first trans person to be attacked by elements in the media and I don’t think I’ll be the last,” Langford added.

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