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Pelosi Raises Eyebrows With Comment About Biden’s Age

Nancy Pelosi with her high raised eyebrows on Face the Nation via CBS

Far-left California Democrat Nancy Pelosi recently announced that she is running for Congress for the 20th time at age 83.

After nearly four decades in Congress, many Americans believe it’s time for Pelosi to retire. Instead, she is seeking a shocking 20th term in the U.S. House of Representatives.

When asked about President Joe Biden, who is the oldest president in US history at 80, Pelosi raised eyebrows by saying he’s just “a kid to me.” (Poll: Was Trump better than Biden? VOTE)

“I think the president should embrace his age, his experience, the knowledge he brings to the job,” she claimed.

“Actually, the leader on the other side is not much younger. I don’t like to use his name, but you know who I mean,” she said, referring to Trump who is 77.

“He’s not that much younger. So I don’t think — age is a relative thing,” she added.

“It is — and I think this president, our country is very well served by his leadership, again, his experience, his knowledge, and it counts for a lot,” she said.

Announcing her bid for re-election, Pelosi said, “Now more than ever our City needs us to advance San Francisco values and further our recovery,” Pelosi said.

“Our country needs America to show the world that our flag is still there, with liberty and justice for ALL,” she continued. “That is why I am running for reelection — and respectfully ask for your vote.”

Despite an annual taxpayer-funded salary of roughly $193,000, Pelosi has managed to amass a staggering net worth of roughly $114 million. Critics claim she is guilty of insider trading and abusing her position in power to profit herself.

Pelosi was first elected to Congress in 1987 and became the first female speaker in 2007.

She has orchestrated the vote and passage of many far-left bills, such as Barack Obama’s “Affordable Care Act,” better known as Obamacare.

Pelosi led two impeachments of former President Donald Trump, which wasted millions of American taxpayer dollars on political witch hunts.

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