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The Unnerving Reason Biden Official Goes To Ukraine While Maui Struggles

Joe Biden visits Ukraine via Insider News

United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken secretly showed up in Kyiv, Ukraine to announce that the U.S. will provide more US taxpayer dollars in aid. The U.S. has already sent over $100 billion in aid.

The controversial decision comes as the Biden administration has currently allocated roughly $95 million for Maui in the wake of the deadliest wildfires in US history.

This represents 0.07%, or less than one-tenth of one percent, of the total funds earmarked for the ongoing Ukrainian conflict. (Trending: Why Joe Biden Must Be Impeached)

Blinken met with senior ministers and sat down to discuss the funding of Ukraine’s long-awaited counteroffensive with President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Resources for the counteroffensive are coming from the United States and other Western allies.

The Associated Press says the surprise deal should offer up to 200 million dollars in funding on top of the existing support.

All of this support comes while thousands of children remain missing as a result of the Lahaina fires in Maui, causing many to question why many more millions of dollars are being sent off to Ukraine. (Trending: Popular Chain Caught Sponsoring Youth Drag Show)

Upon arrival, Blinken was greeted by United States Ambassador Dmytro Kuleba, who has caused a stir with recent remarks, telling critics of the slow pace of Ukraine’s counteroffensive to “shut up.”

In regard to the extra funding, Blinken said: “We want to make sure that Ukraine has what it needs, not only to succeed in the counteroffensive but has what it needs for the long-term, to make sure that it has a strong deterrent…”

“We’re also determined to continue to work with our partners as they build and rebuild a strong economy, strong democracy.”

Russia views Blinken’s unexpected visit and additional funding as the United States’ way of pushing off the end of the war, and delaying the conflict.

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