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Trump Gets Big News, Even Democrats Are Worried

Donald Trump smiles during presidential debate via CNN

Left-wing reporters at CNN attempted to “hype up” the claim that South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem was “distancing herself” from former President Donald Trump.

CNN wrote that Noem “inched away from Trump” because she wondered whether he “offered the best chance” for the Republican Party in 2024.

It turns out that liberal media was wrong about their speculation as Noem has officially endorsed Trump for president in 2024. strong>(Poll: Do You Stand With Donald Trump? VOTE)

This is a big win for the Trump campaign as Noem is one of the most successful governors in the nation. Trump said her endorsement “means a lot.”

The endorsement is fueling speculation about Nome’s possible role in Trump’s administration. Noem has remained in contact with Trump and his team, and some Republicans see her as a potential running mate for Trump in 2024.

This could be one of several possible powerful tickets to the White House for Trump. Many Democrats are likely concerned about Trump’s rising popularity and mounting high-profile endorsements.

“I will do everything I can to help him win and save this country,” Noem said as she formally offered her endorsement.

“All of them told us that they had better things to do. But when President Trump was invited to come be with you tonight, he said, ‘I will be there,’” she said.

Noem is also closely connected with Corey Lewandowski, who is Trump’s former campaign manager and confidant. He has advised her since 2020.

Lewandowski’s relationship with Trump may play a factor in Noem’s role in his administration.

“The fact is, none of them can win as long as Trump’s in the race. And that’s just the facts. So why run if you can’t win,” Noem said of Trump’s primary rivals.

When asked whether she would accept the role of Trump’s vice president, Noem responded, “Of course, I would consider it.”

“When [Noem’s] name comes up in conversation, it’s been positive,” one source close to Trump said.

“She’s been loyal to him. She’s eloquent, she defends him but doesn’t steal the spotlight.”

“I think she’s angling to keep all her options open. With everything being so fluid on the national stage, she has been very good about pushing her state as an example during Covid and all of these national hot-button issues. She’s kept her state at the forefront,” Republican strategist Matt Langston said.

“She’s got a bright future. She’s sticking with Trump, which is smart at this stage.”

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