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‘Blatant Disrespect Toward American Hero’: Classless Biden Gets Called Out

Joe Biden interviewed in Vietnam via Fox News

Social media erupted with negative backlash after a video showed President Biden abruptly leaving a Medal of Honor ceremony early.

Biden didn’t bother to stay for the concluding prayer.

Critics say Biden showed blatant disrespect towards an American hero who was receiving the country’s highest honor, retired U.S. Army Captain Larry Taylor.

The incident unfolded following Biden’s presentation of the medal to Taylor.

The 81-year-old retired Army captain was recognized for his heroic actions during the Vietnam War. In 1968, as a 1st Lt., Taylor courageously piloted his helicopter into grave danger to rescue four comrades who were trapped by the enemy and faced certain death.

During the ceremony, Biden recounted Taylor’s extraordinary bravery, saying, “It was pitch black. No moon. No stars. No light beyond the glow of Lieutenant Taylor’s cockpit control when he heard a whisper coming through his radio, ‘We’re surrounded.’ Lieutenant Taylor understood the risks, but he was ready.”

As the ceremony neared its conclusion, Biden placed the medal around Taylor’s neck. Instead of remaining in place to allow the audience’s applause and the master of ceremonies to recite the closing prayer, Biden walked down the aisle and appeared to exit the ceremony.

The benediction was subsequently delivered while Taylor stood alone on stage. It appeared that someone in the crowd gestured for Taylor to stay at the front despite the president’s departure.

Comparative videos from Medal of Honor award ceremonies in 2021 and 2022 revealed that Biden had remained on stage with previous medal recipients during the concluding prayer. In official recordings from those years, Biden had only left after the event concluded and the White House band started playing.

This abrupt exit by President Biden prompted discussions on various social media platforms, with some highlighting the contrast with his previous conduct during similar ceremonies.

“Joe Biden just BOLTED out of the room immediately after awarding the Medal of Honor to Army Captain Larry Taylor. The ceremony continued on for several minutes afterward. Biden completely missed a concluding prayer,” posted on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Young Americans for Liberty’s account said, “A very confused President Biden walks out in the middle of Medal of Honor ceremony before the benediction.”

“Biden just DITCHED the closing prayer of the Medal of Honor ceremony… Absolutely ABHORRENT,” Conservative influencer Graham Allen posted.

One political commentator asked, “What in the world is going on here? Biden just walks out in the middle of a Medal of Honor ceremony as people applaud. Did he think he was at the State of the Union?”

“BREAKING: Biden bizarrely walks out of ceremony honoring veterans at the White House before it concludes. It’s clear he’s suffering from cognitive decline but Blue MAGA refuses to see it. They’re conditioned to defend their leader & party no matter what,” podcaster Ryan Knight wrote.

“He wasn’t supposed to leave yet. In East Room ceremonies they always ask people to remain in their seats while the president exits when the ceremony is finished. More mental confusion,” said Washington Post’s Marc Thiessen said.

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