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Historic Mess: A Closer Look At Biden VS Trump

Trump And Biden's Chaotic First Presidential Debate | via Fox News

The 2024 Presidential Election in the United States is shaping up to be another historic mess, with former President Donald Trump predicted to be the Republican Party’s nominee and President Joe Biden as the Democratic Party’s candidate.

The previous election saw Trump challenging the outcome, while Biden faced criticism over his policies and alleged corruption involving his family.

The upcoming 2024 election is already facing accusations of rigging and interference from both sides.

The age of Joe Biden is a serious concern for the American public, with many believing a younger candidate should be considered for the Democrat Party.

The Democrats are reportedly rigging their primary to the disadvantage of RFK Jr., while the Republicans have allowed a primary with multiple candidates, seen as an advantage for Trump’s reelection campaign.

The possibility of Trump not appearing on ballots in several states due to the interpretation of the “Insurrection Clause” of the Fourteenth Amendment of the US Constitution is also being challenged by anti-Trump Republicans and Democrats.

This is to prevent Trump from legally assuming the office of the President of the United States even if he wins the election.

Michelle Obama is rumored to be considering running if Biden is unable to due to his declining health. However, as a former first lady and the wife of the man believed to be manipulating Biden, she represents a continuation of the past as much as Biden does.

There is also a possibility that neither Biden won’t be the nominee.

It appears that the 2024 Presidential Election in the United States is on track to become another chaotic and historic event with accusations of fraud, corruption, and interference from both sides.

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