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Kamala Harris Gets Very Bad News

Vice President Harris addresses criticism | via CBS

A CBS News poll found that nearly 60% of Americans disapprove of the job that Kamala Harris is doing as vice president.

Only 18% say that Harris makes them think better of the Biden Administration.

This is a major blow as an increasing number of Democrats are beginning to realize the tragic fact that Harris is a major liability. (Poll: Who Should Win the Presidency In 2024? VOTE)

Harris made history last year by becoming the most unpopular vice president in U.S. history. She achieved a record-low rating with 49% of Americans holding a negative view of her job in office, according to NBC.

NBC reported this is “the lowest for any vice president in the poll’s history.”

The CBS poll found that 59% of Americans disapprove of Harris in varying degrees.

Harris says she is “absolutely ready” to take over as president in the event Joe Biden can no longer serve in office.

At 80, Biden is the oldest president in US history. If re-elected, Biden would be 82 at the start of another term and 86 by the end of it.

Americans are beginning to learn the scary truth that a vote for Biden in 2024 means a vote for Harris.

Harris may very likely hurt the Biden administration’s chances of re-election going into 2024. Many Americans may decide against voting for Biden based on the possibility of Harris taking over.

“Every vice president understands that when they take the oath, they must be very clear about the responsibility they may have to take over the job of being president,” she said.

While addressing questions about Biden’s age and health, Harris confirmed her preparedness for the responsibility. Regarding concerns about Biden’s age, Harris dismissed them, despite poll results showing that a significant percentage of Americans consider him too old for a second term.

“I see him every day,” she said in defense of Biden. “Joe Biden is going to be fine, so that is not going to come to fruition.”

“A substantial amount of time we spend together is in the Oval Office, where I see how his ability to understand issues and make important decisions on behalf of the American people have played out.” (Poll: Is Joe Biden Fit to be President? VOTE)

“And so I will say to you that I think the American people ultimately want to know that their president delivers. And Joe Biden delivers,” she claimed

In the interview, Harris also touched on her past career as a prosecutor and her belief in holding individuals accountable under the law.

She referenced her work as San Francisco district attorney and California’s attorney general, expressing her view that people should face consequences for breaking the law.

Regarding former President Trump’s involvement in the events of January 6, 2021, Harris emphasized the importance of letting evidence and facts determine accountability, emphasizing her background as a prosecutor.

With the 2024 presidential election cycle underway and Trump potentially becoming the Republican nominee, both Biden and Harris have expressed concerns about the threat he poses to American democracy.

Harris is currently representing the United States at a summit of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, as President Biden is absent from the event. Despite some disappointment over his absence, Harris and the White House emphasized his commitment to the region.

Harris’ approval ratings have faced challenges during her vice presidency, with polls indicating a significant percentage of registered voters hold negative views of her performance.

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