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Democrat Makes Horrible Announcement

NYC Mayor Adams calls for city budget cuts due to escalating migrant crisis | via MSNBC

New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced budget cuts in the billions despite the overwhelming crisis presented by thousands of migrants entering the city.

Every agency in the city will have no choice but to slash spending by 5% beginning this November, and then an additional 15% by spring.

The cuts will reportedly not mean layoffs for existing employees, but rather will freeze hiring moving forward. (Poll: Was Trump better than Biden? VOTE)

New York City’s current budget sits just around a staggering $107 billion.

“The simple truth is that longtime New Yorkers and asylum-seekers will feel these potential cuts — and they will hurt,” Adams stated. “New Yorkers are angry and frustrated, and they’re right to be. I am too.”

The city has seen over 110,000 migrants move in since 2022, and there are currently over 60,000 still being taken care of by the city’s taxpayers. This issue comes on top of the already overwhelming amount of homeless seeking shelter in New York.

The city has already spent more than $1.2 billion on the migrants and is projected to spend up to $5 billion.

Adams believes the city has been “ignored” in regard to the migrant crisis, and told Pix11 that “Everything is on the table now.”

The cuts were mentioned just last week, when leaders were faced with the city’s $10 billion dollar deficit.

“This issue will destroy New York City,” Adams warned.

“We’re getting 10,000 migrants a month … Every community in this city is going to be impacted.”

Adams has casted blame on several entities since the crisis began, from Governor Abbott of Texas to the state of New York. So far, his own office has been the only responsible party to avoid his critique.

“The president and the White House have failed New York City on this issue,” Adams mentioned in April.

According to Adams, the $140 million in federal funding that the White House has already sent to New York is simply not sufficient to fix the issues.

“No city should be going through this, including El Paso and Brownsville,” Adams stated on MSNBC.

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