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Handyman Finds Clever Way To Remove Squatters From Mother’s House

How I removed squatters in less than a day | Outside the Box with Flash via YouTube

A clever handyman found an unconventional, but successful way to remove squatters from his mother’s home.

Flash Shelton, founder of the United Handyman Association, simply decided to make himself the squatter.

“I dissected the laws over a weekend. I basically figured out that until there’s civil action, the squatters didn’t have any rights. So if I could switch places with them, become the squatter myself, I would assume those squatter rights,” Shelton said. (Trending: Megyn Kelly Reveals Medical Diagnosis After Getting Jab)

Following his father’s passing, Shelton’s family was attempting to list the property for sale, but found out that squatters had taken over the home. Squatters are people who have not signed a lease or hold ownership in a home, but take up residence anyway.

After calling the police, Shelton realized there was very little that law enforcement could do about it.

“I called local law enforcement, and as soon as they saw that there was furniture in the house, they said that I had a squatter situation and they had basically no jurisdiction and they couldn’t do anything,” he stated. (Trending: TV Host Blows Trump Case Wide Open)

Squatting is an increasingly pressing issue in cities across America, particularly in progressive states where laws strongly favor the tenant.

Mitch Roschelle, Madison Ventures+ managing director, says that the housing markets in cities such as New York and LA will likely face major squatting issues in the near future.

In the state of New York, for example, squatters are given rights after only a 30 day period, making it extremely difficult for homeowners to evict them.

“The laws are written to protect the tenant, not the landlord,” Mitch said to Fox News. “The local laws that protect tenants at the expense of landlords have fueled this phenomenon because we’ve basically said forever it’s the landlord’s fault, not the tenant’s fault if the tenant can’t pay rent.”

He went on to say, “The law is not on your side.”

Unfortunately, Shelton felt this reality firsthand.

“The law would prevent me from physically removing them,” Shelton said. “However, being that I wasn’t the homeowner, I had more rights. As a tenant, I would actually have more rights than them.”

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