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Joe Biden Tells Reporters That He Needs To Go To Bed. Literally.

Photo illustration of Joe Biden via SDXL images

Joe Biden’s press conference was cut short by White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre as the president appeared to be confused and rambling once again.

The embarrassing moment occurred on the world stage as Biden arrived in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Biden eventually told the audience that he was going to bed. “I don’t know about you, but I’m going to go to bed,” Biden ultimately said.

Biden agreed to take questions from a prepared list of people. “They gave me five people here,” Biden said before calling on specific reporters. “I’m just following my orders here,” he said.

At one moment in the press conference, Biden insulted the nation by using the derogatory term, “the Third World” in reference to developing countries. He quickly corrected himself.

Biden thoughts appeared to change randomly. While discussing global warming, Biden managed to change topics to a John Wayne movie. (Poll: Who Should Win the Presidency In 2024? VOTE)

“Did you ever think you’d be sitting at a G-20 conference where everyone was preoccupied with the notion of global warming? Not a joke, did you ever think that?” he said.

“Well there’s a lot of lying dog-faced pony soldiers out there about global warming,” he said. “But not anymore. All of a sudden, they’re all realizing it — there’s a problem. And there’s nothing like seeing the light.”

“Staff, is there any one I haven’t spoken to?” Biden asked.

Reporters yelled out for questions, but he grew angry and shouted, “I ain’t calling on you!”

At another point in the conference, Biden said, “One of my staff members said, remember the famous song ‘Good Morning Vietnam’? Well, good evening, Vietnam,” Biden said, making his best attempt to deliver an awkward joke. No one was laughing.

Biden was referring to the 1987 anti-Vietnam War movie Good Morning, Vietnam.

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