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Scientists Make Ground-Breaking Advancement In Stem Cells

Photo illustration of cells via Pixabay License

A team of Australian scientists have made an incredible discovery in the world of stem cell research.

The group of researchers have created a new type of “smart” stem cell, which has the ability to heal. If able to be implemented on a large scale, the advancement could eventually impact many lives.

The team has figured out a way to take human fat cells and reprogram them into smart stem cells, able to remain dormant until needed for the healing of tissue. (Trending: Megyn Kelly Reveals Medical Diagnosis After Getting Jab)

They were able to show the cells’ ability to heal with a study on mice.

In order to make the smart cells, the UNSW Sydney scientists had to turn human fat cells into a compound mixture. Roughly three to four weeks later, the cells then abandoned their first identity and started to act as stem cells.

John Pimanda, a UNSW hematologist said, “The stem cells we’ve developed can adapt to their surroundings and repair a range of damaged tissues.”

“To my knowledge, no one has made an adaptive human multipotent stem cell before. This is uncharted territory.”

Once the cells took on their new identities, they injected them into mice of good health to observe how the cells might react. Amazingly, once the mice were injured, the cells came out of dormancy and were activated. (Trending: TV Host Blows Trump Case Wide Open)

Every cell in the human body is made up of identical DNA. In order to know the difference between one tissue and another, the cell only utilizes a tiny portion of its overall DNA. The remaining DNA is shut off by local modifications.

“The idea behind our approach was to reverse these modifications,” explained Pimanda. “We wanted the cells to have the option of using that part of the DNA if there was a signal from outside the cell.”

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