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Donald Trump Sends the Perfect Message to Republicans

Trump sits for interview | via NBC News

Former President Donald Trump recently pressed Republican Congress members to aid in the fight against the White House’s catch and release policies toward illegal immigrants in America.

While Biden has been speaking of actions to keep numerous illegals in Texas, Trump gave a push for Congressmen to get on Biden’s case in regard to his crisis at the border.

In a recent South Dakota speech, Trump stated:

“We cannot wait until 2025 to begin stopping this horrible invasion.”

“That is why tonight I am calling on Congressional Republicans to ban Joe Biden from using a single tax dollar … to release or resettle illegal aliens into the United States, starting on the government funding deadline of September 30.”

Republican House Reps are expected to be fighting for policy change and greater security at the border, with many hoping to force the hand of the Biden administration into dealing with the crisis.

The left has nearly always ignored Former President Trump’s wishes for border security, with the greatest pushback being their protest of the border wall funding in 2018.

Democrats ultimately got their way following several weeks of protesting.

Congressmen on good terms with Trump, however, may be more willing to fight for the problem at the border this time around. With many leaders on both sides of the political spectrum having voiced concerns over the crisis, the issue has becoming more pressing than ever.

Much of Trump’s speech in South Dakota highlighted his success in handling security at the border, particularly highlighting the success of the “Remain in Mexico” policy.

“We created the most secure border in U.S. history, built nearly 500 miles of border wall, got Mexico to give us 28,000 soldiers … free of charge, while we were building the wall,” exclaimed Trump. “We built almost 500 miles.”

If reelected, Trump made it clear that the Biden administration’s open border policies would be dumped, but also stressed the importance of Republican Congressmen to take action today.

“The time for talk is over—now is the time for action.”

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