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American Journalist Sitting in Ukraine Prison While Biden Begs For Billions

President Biden Secretly Visits Ukraine | via Insider Access

American journalist Gonzalo Lira is now sitting in a Ukrainian prison cell after allegedly spreading Russian propaganda.

The imprisonment has caused many to criticize American lawmakers and authorities, who are currently considering sending billions in additional funding to Ukraine.

Recently, the Biden Administration has sought the approval of what would amount to $24 billion in funding to Ukraine from now until the end of December. (Trending: Trump Gets Big Win in Georgia Court)

While at the UN, Biden said that to invest in Ukraine is to invest in “the future of every country that seeks a world governed by basic rules.”

This has caused many to question the loyalty of the administration, however, as Biden failed to mention the imprisoned American even once during his speech at the United Nations.

Lira was living in Kharkiv when Russia invaded, and is reported to be looking at up to eight years of imprisonment in Ukraine.

Ukrainian authorities arrested Lira on suspicion of using his YouTube for Russian propaganda, after raising questions regarding Zelensky government narratives surrounding the war. (Trending: Joe Biden Slammed For Racist Remark)

Lira posted this summer about a plan to seek asylum in Hungary, but has not posted again since.

Lira voiced his concerns in his last post, stating that an end to his posts would mean his arrest by Ukrainian forces.

“The American State Department knows exactly who I am and the fate that awaits me,” he stated. (Trending: AOC Dealt A Heavy Dose of Reality)

Ukrainian authorities claimed that Lira “had a criminal intent aimed at the manufacture, distribution materials containing justification, recognition as legitimate, denial of the armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, which began in 2014, as well as justification, recognition as legitimate of the temporary occupation of part of Ukraine territory.”

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