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Banned: Controversial Author of ‘Gender Queer’ Book For Kids Comes Clean

Maia Kobabe, author of Gender Queer, interview with PEN America | via PEN America

Maia Kobabe, author of highly-banned book “Gender Queer,” recently responded to Senator John Kennedy (R-LA)’s reading of the book, and admitted the book isn’t actually written for kids.

According to the American Library Association, “Gender Queer” was the most banned book in 2021.

One specific excerpt was chosen by Kennedy when he read from the graphic novel, which gave detail of a masturbation scene. Kobabe spoke up about the reading in a recent interview. (Trending: Trump Gets Big Win in Georgia Court)

“I have seen the clip. Another trans-activist friend texted it to me with a very ‘Congratulations, and also I’m sorry’ attitude,” Kobabe stated.

“The way protesters have described the book online — they make it sound like it’s marketed to 6-year-olds,” said the Washington Post, who held the interview.

Kobabe said, “It keeps being called a children’s book. Senator Kennedy implied it was a children’s book. But I think that’s coming from a misreading of the comic book form. ‘Gender Queer’ is a comic, and in full color, but that doesn’t mean it’s for children.”

“I originally wrote it for my parents, and then for older teens who were already asking these questions about themselves. I don’t recommend this book for kids.” (Trending: Joe Biden Slammed For Racist Remark)

This has caused backlash among critics, due to a piece written in 2021 by the author in which Kobabe said, “Schools are banning my book. But queer kids need queer stories.”

“When I was on book tour in 2019, I was asked many times, ‘What age of reader do you recommend this book for?’ I would generally answer, ‘High school and above,’ but the truth is, the readers I primarily wrote it for were my own parents and extended family,” Kobabe told the Washington Post. (Trending: AOC Dealt A Heavy Dose of Reality)

When being interviewed this spring, Kobabe noted, “If I’d had a book to read like this, specifically, when I was like a freshman in high school, it would have saved me years of questioning and confusion about my identity, and could have really helped me figure out who I was and how I wanted to interact with people through the world and who I wanted to be much sooner. I didn’t really figure that stuff out until I was in my late 20s.”

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