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Illegal Immigrant Arrested For Murder Just Months After Biden Admin Released Him

The Biden Administration’s crisis at the border and “catch and release” policies have shown their true colors yet again, with an illegal immigrant released just months ago now arrested for murder.

Roberto Emilio Vasquez-Santamaria was released earlier this year with a court date in 2025.

He will now be setting his calendar for more court time after being accused and arrested for murder in Eagle Pass, Texas. (Trending: Trump Gets Big Win in Georgia Court)

An inside source told Breitbart Texas that Vasquez-Santamaria was released to a shelter in Texas several months ago.

He was released once a written promise to appear in court was signed, and went on his way.

Vasquez-Santamaria’s dealings following his release are unknown at this time, but took a dark turn this past week. (Trending: Joe Biden Slammed For Racist Remark)

“The investigation began after a man was discovered bludgeoned to death in the backyard of a home in the neighborhood. According to Sheriff Schmerber, the unnamed victim is a 40-year-old Houston man,” Breitbart reported.

In the meantime, the Maverick County Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook “to update our Community in reference to a homicide that occurred yesterday.”

“Roberto Emilio Vasquez-Santamaria has been charged with murder, a 64 year old male from Peru. Sheriff Schmerber would like to thank Ranger Balderas for his assistance from the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Sheriffs Office Criminal Investigation Division for their hard work,” the post said.

Breitbart noted that “On the day of Vasquez-Santamaria’s arrest, more than 1,500 mostly Venezuelan migrants were arrested by the Border Patrol after surging across the border near the heart of the city.” (Trending: AOC Dealt A Heavy Dose of Reality)

This news comes in the mix of Eagle Pass making headlines following massive surges of illegal immigrants overwhelming the local migrant holding facilities.

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