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‘The Word Says Who Jesus Is’: Saints’ Player Stuns Reporters With Message

Demario Davis Post Game Interview Turns into Sermon & Testimony | via Transform Our World New Orleans

Two-time Superbowl champion and New Orleans linebacker Demario Davis recently used his post-game interview as an opportunity to share his testimony and preach the Gospel.

Davis took to the mic to share a very personal story of God’s intervention in his daughter Carly Faith’s life.

“On Friday, my daughter, she’s 4 years old, she had her third epilepsy seizure attack,” Davis told reporters before the Saints win against Tennessee. “She started to foam at the mouth. It was her worst seizure. For 30 minutes, she seized, she wouldn’t come back, and we had to call the paramedics.” (Trending: Trump Gets Big Win in Georgia Court)

“We got to the hospital, and my wife told me my daughter stopped breathing in the car twice. So I’m, of course, praying …” Davis emphasized. “They gave her a bunch of medicine, the seizure stopped, she’s laying there, and at this point, you start to fear there could be development issues, it could mess with her brain. You know, she stopped breathing, there was no oxygen to her brain, you start thinking, ‘Could her speech be slurred?’ or worse.

“So we prayed, and we prayed. My wife and I had to stay overnight at the hospital. In the middle of the night, probably about 3 o’clock, I heard a knock. And the knock was my daughter. I prayed for her.”

“I prayed, ‘God, let this just be an attack from the enemy and let him have overplayed his hand, and let my daughter come back stronger than before.” (Trending: Joe Biden Slammed For Racist Remark)

“I heard my daughter talk in the middle of the night,” Davis said. “She woke up talking clearer than she was talking before. Anyone dealing with epilepsy knows it usually takes a few days for them to come back. They’re groggy. But she was talking clearer than before.

“And I started saying, ‘Praise God, praise God.’ The next morning, my daughter was just so sharp. … My daughter’s already sharp, but she was sharper than before.”

The star linebacker then put those miraculous events in perspective, emphasizing how God’s help is readily available to those who “lay it before the Lord.”

“When we leave this game,” Davis continued, “we go back to being regular people. And regular people are living life, and people are waiting for a knock. And the word says Jesus is knocking at the door. All you got to do is get up.” (Trending: AOC Dealt A Heavy Dose of Reality)

“And I just want people to know, if you’ve got stuff going on in your life, lay it before the Lord.”

After a more recent victory over the Panthers, Davis couldn’t help but use the interview to glorify God yet again.

“Well, I wasn’t going to preach today, I wasn’t going to do that. But if I didn’t, then I would not be being obedient. I told the Lord today that if I went back to the podium I would make sure to praise Him the proper way. The last time I was up here, God did an extraordinary work through me.”

“With that, I owe proper praises to God. It had very little to do with me and everything to do with Him. So I have to be obedient.”

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