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Caught Red-Handed: Nancy Pelosi Has Been ‘Accommodating’ Communist China

Nancy Pelosi addresses reporters via Fox News

During an interview with Bloomberg, California Democrat Nancy Pelosi said, “We have to find an accommodation” with China despite its horrific human rights abuses and other problems in the Communist nation.

It’s unclear how Pelosi intends to “accommodate” China.

“We have a shared planet,” Pelosi began, “and we have to work with the Chinese to save the planet, because they’re now, I think, the biggest emitter.” (Trending: Joe Biden Created A Disaster He Can’t Solve)

“If not us, they’re second, and they are part of the solution in all of this,” Pelosi said about carbon emissions from China.

“China’s a big country, and so are we,” she continued. “And we have to find an accommodation on how we treat each other.”

“But, in terms of the three things I named: Security, China has been a violator of transferring technology of weapons of mass destruction to rogue countries,” she added. (Trending: Thanks to Biden, America Is Speeding Toward Great Depression)

“In terms of economics, they’ve been — violated almost every trade standard of access, of piracy, of obeying…rules and the rest,” Pelosi stated.

“And in terms of governance… Hong Kong, Tibet, Uyghurs, threat to Taiwan, and the rest. So, we don’t have shared values,” Pelosi argued.

Pelosi says she has “been a strong critic of China in so many respects, security, economics, and governance. Still, we have to work together in certain areas and we have to find those.”

“I don’t think we find them by rewarding them. I think we find them by mutual discussion about how we can go forward.”

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