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Liberal Mayor Unveils Surprising New Policy

Democratic San Francisco Mayor London Breed sits for interview | via CBS

Democratic San Francisco Mayor London Breed proposed a plan to make drug testing and treatment mandatory for individuals receiving welfare.

Typically, Democrats have strongly opposed similar policies supported by Republicans to reduce wasteful government social spending.

Under Mayor Breed’s new proposal, individuals suspected of having a substance use disorder must undergo substance abuse screenings or participate in treatment programs funded by the San Francisco Human Services Agency to qualify for County Adult Assistance Programs. (Trending: Biden Breaks Texas Town’s All-Time Record)

Those who decline or fail to actively engage in treatment will be ineligible for CAAP cash assistance, leading to the denial of their application or discontinuation of cash assistance.

“San Francisco is a city of compassion, but also a city that demands accountability,” Breed said. “We fund a wide range of services, and we want to help people get the care they need but under current state law, local government lack tools to compel people into treatment. This initiative aims to create more accountability and help get people to accept the treatment and services they need.”

“I strongly support Mayor Breed’s initiative, which will better incentivize treatment and recovery for a population that’s at wildly disproportionate risk for drug addiction and overdose fatalities,” Dorsey said. “We’re facing an unprecedented loss of life in San Francisco, and we know coercive interventions can work.”

As homelessness and increasing crime become prominent public safety issues leading up to an election year, City Hall made an announcement on the same day that Daniel Lurie, a seasoned nonprofit executive and heir to the Levi Strauss & Co. fortune, officially declared a 2024 Democratic challenge against Mayor Breed. (Trending: 8 Undeniable Facts About Joe Biden)

“What we are seeing on the streets of San Francisco is not progressive,” Lurie said. “We have too many people who have been in power for far too long doing things the same way they’ve always been done. We need the courage to try to do things differently. I’m running for mayor to provide a different type of leadership. A new era of leadership from the outside.”

“We have tremendous resources; we have everything at our disposal and yet our streets are unsafe. We need to end the era of open-air drug dealing, we need housing at all income levels, especially for middle-class families who are the backbone of San Francisco,” he added.

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