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‘Are They Going To Try To Kill You?’ Donald Trump VS Tough Questions

Donald Trump answers questions | Sky News via YouTube

During “The Megyn Kelly Show,” host Megyn Kelly shared concerns about the “demonization” of Trump including the risk of harm to him or something “worse.”

“You heard Tucker asked Trump about it when he interviewed him,” Kelly said to her guest, conservative radio host Dan Bongino.

“Whether Trump is worried, whether there’s a realistic possibility, the left is going to so meltdown as his power rises, as he rises toward a second term. That they try to do something to him, God forbid, or that they try to do something to our country.” (Trending: Biden Breaks Texas Town’s All-Time Record)

“You know that the riots we saw around BLM, the total overreaction we saw to basically everything surrounding Trump, and certainly the way they described January 6 as the new 9/11,” she continued. “All those things are going to culminate in some sort of, like, serious meltdown for our country.”

“Trump is so demonized to the point where I do worry for his safety,” Kelly said.

“I think he’s been so — like, the left likes to use the term, ‘dehumanized’, ‘I feel dehumanized by this’ — is there anybody who’s been more dehumanized than Donald Trump?” she asked. (Trending: 8 Undeniable Facts About Joe Biden)

“Trump is ornery, and he’s a fighter, and he’s controversial, but he, too, is a man. He’s a human. He has a heart. He has a family. As I started this off by saying, I just think [Bongino’s] book this kind of example does a good job of putting layers on that so people can be reminded it’s real,” Kelly added.

“Even though he’s very tough and he’s a fighter it doesn’t mean he’s incapable of being hurt and, God forbid, worse. So we need to, like, as you say, pump the brakes, make sure he’s protected,” she said.

Carlson raised inquiries with Trump regarding his apprehensions about a potential assassination attempt. (Trending: Joe Biden’s Legacy, A Closer Look)

“It started with protests against you and then it moved to impeachment twice, and now indictment. Are you worried that they’re going to try and kill you?” Carlson asked.

“They’re savage animals,” Trump said. “They are people that are sick.”

Carlson said during an appearance on “The Adam Carolla Show” he said, “We’re speeding toward assassination, obviously.”

Bongino, who is a former Secret Service agent, worries about the “partisan hatred” toward Trump.

Former New York City Police Commissioner and author Bernard Kerik also has concerns.

Kerik posted “And just like in other Third World countries, if today’s raid by Biden’s FBI does not stop Donald Trump from running for president in 2024, their next move will be Assassination.”

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