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Mother of Idaho Murder Victim Stuns True Crime Convention With Surprise Cameo

Stacy Chapin sits for interview | via NBC

Stacy Chapin, the mother of University of Idaho student Ethan Chapin, made an unexpected and deeply emotional appearance.

This occurred during a lecture titled “The Idaho Murders: An Expert Forensic Analysis” by Joseph Scott Morgan, a renowned professor of applied forensics at Jacksonville State University in Alabama and the host of the Body Bags podcast.

“I’m Stacy Chapin, and I’m Ethan’s mom,” she said. “But I do want all of you to know that these were four of the greatest kids,” she said “And all of the great things that you read about them [are] legitimately true.” (Trending: Biden Breaks Texas Town’s All-Time Record)

“I can speak on behalf of my own son, who was an incredible human, and we miss them all terribly,” she said. “…They were amazing, amazing kids in the prime of their life.”

Both Morgan and the audience were left in astonishment as she made her way onto the stage.

“I knew immediately that I needed to keep my mouth shut at this point, because this woman, more so than anybody at this conference relative to these Idaho cases, she deserved to have a platform,” Morgan said.

“It’s always been a challenge for me to hear people talk about Ethan who don’t know him,” Chapin said. (Trending: 8 Undeniable Facts About Joe Biden)

“There was something…this overwhelming, I needed to say this story is real and that’s my son,” she said.

“CrimeCon was built to break down walls, allowing consumers of media to engage directly with those impacted by the cases they follow,” CrimeCon Founder and Executive Producer Kevin Balfe said. “This was a powerful moment at our event, and we’re proud to have created a forum where these kinds of important conversations can take place.”

20-year-old Ethan Chapin was one of your University of Idaho students killed.

Chapin shared that she and her husband established “Ethan’s Smile” with the purpose of granting other students the same opportunities they had wanted to create for their son.

“It was really important for Jim and I to give our kids the opportunity to go to college and fulfill their dreams,” she said. “That’s the premise of our foundation, to give every kid who has a dream an opportunity to achieve it.”

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