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Experts Warn ‘Catastrophic Effect’ of Biden

via ABC News

Numerous polls have revealed Americans’ distaste for “Bidenomics,” including residents of blue states who are fleeing for better taxes, and safer cities.

Experts say the impact of Biden’s policies will continue to negatively impact Americans regardless of where they claim residence.

Addressing the many thousands who fled blue states throughout the course of the pandemic, Finch Capital founder Steven Pesavento said, “It opened up an opportunity for them to get away from, you know, the high cost of living, the kind of oppressive civil policies and business policies, the high taxes, all of those things that they were willing to stay put over because it was what they needed for their job.” (Trending: Why Is Biden Giving Amnesty to 700,000 Migrants?)

The state of California witnessed its first decline in population in the history of the state during the year 2020. IRS data revealed that the state missed out on well over $300 million in tax revenue due to the exodus of residents.

New York wasn’t far behind them, with a little under $300 million lost in revenue.

“A lot of people left,” Pesavento stated.

“It was the biggest migration pattern since 1990 and likely the biggest even before that. So, a lot of people moved. They moved really quickly. And once people take an action, once they do that, a lot of people are choosing not to go back.”

“They’re chasing lower taxes, they’re chasing better business policies, and they’re chasing a better way of living,” Pesavento claimed of homeowners taking their residence to red states. “They’re also looking for other people who believe what they believe and to kind of get away from all the craziness that’s been happening in schools in those local areas where they used to live.” (Trending: Joe Biden’s 2024 Chances Are Officially Dead)

“What we saw was one of the greatest domestic migrations we’ve seen since the end of slavery. I mean, people have moved in unbelievable droves. They voted with their feet to leave places where they lost their autonomy, to go to places where they could,” said business expert Josh Cadillac.

Josh warned the “real catastrophic effect” of “Bidenomics” is still likely ahead, referring to the resumption of payments on student loans “a wild card.”

Ridgeline Financial Partners LLC managing partner Matthew Carbray said Biden has taken more than one angle in an attempt to curb inflation, but with little to no success.

“I talk about the Inflation Reduction Act, that to me hasn’t done a whole heck of a lot to curb inflation. The Fed’s actions have done a lot more than that legislation,” Carbray stated.

He went on to add that the Inflation Reduction Act provided “very little” help in lowering prices, and possibly made for a “slightly negative” impact.

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