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Ford Recalls 35,000 Mustang EVs

via Throttle House on Youtube

Ford Motor Company has announced the recall of 35,000 Mustang Mach-E extended-range vehicles that came off the manufacturing line in 2021 and 2022.

The automobile giant has casted blame on a high-voltage battery contractor complication.

Reportedly, the issue can cause overheating while DC fast charging or when a driver is fully engaging the pedal repeatedly. (Poll: Is Nuclear War or Climate Change A More Dangerous Threat? VOTE)

The Ford Mustang Mach-E is a fully electric SUV. Ford suggests the vehicle offers “a thrilling driving experience and a long range.”

The extended-range models have a larger battery pack that gives them up to 312 miles of EPA-estimated range on a single charge.

This allegedly makes them ideal for road trips or everyday commuting, but the recent recall is raising concerns.

The United Auto Workers (UAW) is preparing to go on strike against General Motors (GM), Ford, and Stellantis.

Auto workers and union members are furious with the Biden administration for offering huge subsidies to push auto companies toward creating electric vehicles.

As a result, many workers are losing their jobs or facing significant cutbacks. Critics say Biden’s “green energy agenda” is ultimately outsourcing their jobs to China.

Trump responded to the situation by saying, “The auto workers will not have any jobs because all of these cars are going to be made in China. The electric cars, automatically, are going to be made in China.”

“The auto workers are being sold down the river by their leadership, and their leadership should endorse Trump,” Trump continued.

“I think he’s not doing a good job in representing his union,” Trump said about the UAW president. “Because he’s not going to have a union in three years from now. Those jobs are all going to be gone, because all of those electric cars are going to be made in China. That’s what’s happening.”

Stellantis employee and UAW member Kym Dieselberg revealed that she would never vote for President Joe Biden again.

“We have Biden who won’t even pick a side. And I think today they said he did say that we do need it, which is nice for him to finally say something. But it is disheartening, because I voted for him and it breaks my heart,” she added.

News correspondent Leland Vittert asked, “Would you vote for him again?”

Dieselberg answered, “No. I would not. Because when you make a promise and you say you’re something and you don’t come through — that’s why don’t like politics, because politicians — I hate to say it, but if someone was just honest, I think someone would get voted in.”

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