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Federal Judge Overturns Gun Ban in Historic Ruling

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A federal judge has overturned California’s ban on “assault weapons,” allowing the trade and possession of these firearms.

It’s finally legal to own an AR-15 in the state of California again.

The ruling came in response to litigation from Second Amendment advocates and individual plaintiffs. (Poll: Should Assault Weapons Be Banned? VOTE)

The judge, Roger T. Benitez, questioned the focus on mass shootings and highlighted the lawful use of semi-automatic rifles for self-defense.

He also noted that violent crimes involving these weapons are rare in California.

U.S. District Court Judge Roger T. Benitez struck down the state’s ban in a 79-page ruling.

“We hear constantly about mass shootings for days and weeks and on anniversaries.”

“But how often do we celebrate the saving of the life of Jane Doe because she was able to use a semi-automatic weapon to defend herself and her family from attackers?”

“In California, while modern semiautomatics are not rare, they are rarely the problem.”

“For example, in 2022, only three ‘assault weapons’ were used in violent California crimes, according to the Attorney General’s annual report, ‘Firearms Used in the Commission of Crimes.’”

Governor Gavin Newsom criticized the judge, while the ruling is stayed for ten days to allow for a potential appeal.

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