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Pro-Palestinian Mob Attacks Jewish Man On U.S. Soil

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A staffer from Turning Point USA, a conservative student group, was attacked by a pro-Hamas mob near a pro-Israel rally in Skokie, Illinois.

The attack, caught on video, involved the staffer being hit with a flag pole.

The employee was trying to escort an elderly Jewish couple to safety when they encountered pro-Hamas supporters who assaulted them. (Trending: Joe Biden Does the Unthinkable For Hamas)

Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk called for the arrest and charging of the attackers with hate crimes.

Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk explained that his employee, Peter Christos, “was violently attacked while he and another TPUSA staffer were trying to escort an elderly Jewish couple away from a pro-Israel rally.”

“On the way to their cars, they encountered pro-Hamas supporters who assaulted them, punched them repeatedly, and hit them with a flag pole before cops could pull them away to safety,” Kirk continued. (Trending: Biden Official Caught Working For Terrorists)

“All of these thugs need to be arrested and charged with hate crimes,” the TPUSA founder added.

“Peter Christos and his colleague were simply trying to do a good deed; they saw an elderly Jewish couple that was turned away from an over-capacity pro-Israel event and wanted to help keep them safe from a gathering pro-Palestine crowd outside the event,” TPUSA spokesperson Andrew Kolvet said.

“They’re not even Jewish, but Christians who stand with Israel,” the TPUSA spokesperson continued.

“It’s absolutely unacceptable that America has violent mobs terrorizing Jews, their Christian friends, and pro-Israel gatherings.”

“That should not happen in this country, and the fact that it is, should be a wakeup call to our leaders about the type of people we allow to live here,” Kolvet added. “This is a hate crime and we intend on doing everything we can to ensure these criminals are prosecuted.”

A separate incident involved a gunshot fired into the air at a pro-Palestinian protest.

The terrorist attack in Israel by Hamas has led to widespread protests and acts of antisemitism on college campuses.

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