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Elite Academics Blame Israel, Call For ‘Intifada Until Victory’

via Rick Steves' Europe on Youtube

The University and College Union (UCU) at the University of Oxford will hold a vote on declaring solidarity with the Palestinian people and calling for an “intifada until victory.”

An “Intifada” is a violent Palestinian riot or attack against Jews or Israelis.

The motion claims that the ongoing Israel-Hamas war is a result of decades of violent oppression by the Israeli state and calls for a mass uprising and support from the international movement of workers and youth. (Trending: Obama Says the Unthinkable to Israel)

“[O]nly a mass uprising on both sides of the green line and across the Middle East can free the Palestinian people,” the motion says. “[I]t is the duty of the international movement of workers and youth to support this struggle,” it continues, calling for “a Socialist Federation of the Middle East” and “intifada until victory.”

“The Branch Committee has decided to call this meeting in response to requests from multiple members to discuss and debate solidarity motions relating to the ongoing war in Israel and Palestine,” an email from the group reads.

Oxford University condemned the Hamas assault in a statement. (Trending: Jimmy Kimmel Quietly Fired From Job)

“The impact of the appalling attacks by Hamas, and the deep concerns for the civilian Palestinian population and hostages in Gaza itself are understandably being felt by communities across the world, including in our own. Our thoughts are with all those suffering and we stress that there is no place for antisemitism, Islamophobia or hate for any faith at Oxford,” the University’s new statement says.

The UCU scheduled the vote following requests from multiple members.

The University of Oxford has condemned the Hamas assault and expressed concern for the civilian population in Gaza.

The Israel-Hamas war has led to massive protests in London, and Israel is expected to launch a ground invasion to clear out Hamas tunnels in Gaza.

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