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Father Of American Kidnapped By Hamas: I Have One Mission – Bring Hersh Home

via CBS

Hersh Goldberg-Polin, an American citizen, was kidnapped by Hamas militants during an attack on an Israeli music festival.

His father, Jon Polin, is determined to bring him home and emphasizes the importance of success in their mission.

Polin urges people to focus on the humanitarian aspect of the situation rather than politicizing it. (Trending: Obama Says the Unthinkable to Israel)

The family hopes that Hersh, who was seen in a video with a bleeding left arm, has received medical care and is alive.

“I have one mission: Get Hersch home,” Jon Polin told “The Story with Martha MacCallum.”

“There’s no partial success here. There’s no 90% success here. It’s either success or failure, and I want to bring Hersh home.”

“Let’s turn this into what [it] is, a global humanitarian catastrophe, and the whole world and foreign ministers everywhere should be screaming to get these people out and don’t politicize them.”

“The Israeli government lists him officially as a hostage, as taken by Hamas, as we’ve seen in the video, and still lists him as a hostage, but we don’t know. We have no proof of life,” he told MacCallum.

“We don’t know if once he was loaded into that pickup truck at 9:00 in the morning on October 7, if he was tossed off the truck after 30 seconds or if he made it into Gaza where his phone was last pinged. We don’t know his status, but officially he’s still listed as ‘kidnapped’.”

“We can’t imagine the life we are living,” he reflected. “We wake up every day after barely sleeping. We continue the mission. (Trending: Jimmy Kimmel Quietly Fired From Job)

“Like I said, it’s either we succeed, or we don’t. There’s nothing in the middle. That is what carries us. It helps that we are in support and feeling love from around the world, hearing from people who we know, people who we don’t know, with messages of support, tracking on “Bring Hersh Home’ on social media.”

“It all strengthens us. Those one-line messages of support and people saying they were thinking of us, it all helps. It all is part of what’s carrying us through life right now.”

Although the Israeli government officially lists him as a hostage, his status and proof of life remain unknown.

Despite the difficulties they face, the family finds strength in the support and messages of encouragement they receive from around the world.

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