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CNN Anchor Disgracefully Complains About Support For Israel

via CNN

CNN anchor Christiane Amanpour claimed that there is a “glaring double standard” in the Western world’s support for Israel over the Palestinian people in the Israel-Hamas war.

Amanpour made these comments following her interview with Jordanian Queen Rania Al Abdullah, who expressed frustration with the lack of sympathy for Palestinians.

Amanpour stated that Queen Rania’s perspective reflects the sentiment of the rest of the world, particularly in the Muslim community. (Trending: Meet Mike Johnson, Your New House Speaker)

“The primary takeaway is that she is expressing exactly what the rest of the world thinks. The world in which the Muslims and many, many other parts of the world believe that there is a, as she said, a glaring double standard.”

“Because she was saying even as a mother, you know, of course it was unbearable to see what happened in Israel on October 7th, but also unbearable to see what is happening to some 2,000 children and many, many others inside Gaza under the air campaign right now.”

The anchor also mentioned Gershon Baskin, an Israeli hostage negotiator, who shared similar views on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Referring to a conversation with Gershon Baskin, Amanpour continued, “He said, ‘Israel cannot keep another people occupied for 56 years and expect peace. You cannot lock two million people up in an open-air prison and expect them to be quiet. And for the Palestinians, it should be a wake-up call that if you support radical, fanatic leaders, and refuse to recognize the other people living there, you also are going to be suffering because of this.’”

Amanpour added, “So I found that whole conversation really fascinating.” (Trending: Dirty Trick Inside Biden’s $100 Billion Bill)

“I just want to remind the world that Palestinian mothers love their children just as much as any other mother in the world.”

“The silence is deafening, and to many in our region it makes the Western world complicit, you know, through their support and through the cover that they give Israel that it is just trying to defend itself. Many in the Arab world are looking at the Western world as not just tolerating this, but aiding and abetting it.”

“It is very difficult to, you know, to try to convince people that two things can be, you know, that there can be two thoughts — that the savagery of what happened inside Israel on Oct. 7th, but also the death and the killing of children and civilians inside Gaza — that inflames the world and makes them think that there is a double standard,” Amanpour stated.

Queen Rania criticized the silence and perceived complicity of the Western world in supporting Israel.

Amanpour acknowledged the complexity of the situation but emphasized the need to recognize the suffering on both sides.

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