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Nancy Pelosi Tells Israel to Seek ‘Justice,’ Not ‘Revenge’

via FOX News

Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi called for a “humanitarian pause” in the Israel-Hamas war, emphasizing justice for Israel but not revenge.

She rejected immediate ceasefire calls, highlighting the previous ceasefire broken by Hamas.

“I think the humanitarian pause is the way to go,” Pelosi said in an interview on MSNBC. (Trending: Meet Mike Johnson, Your New House Speaker)

“Look, what Hamas did was barbaric in Israel. It was barbaric, it was outside the circle of civilized human behavior, and if it happened to your family, you would want justice.”

“I’m not talking about revenge,” Pelosi added. “I’m saying justice.”

“So there has to be some other place we go instead of just saying ‘let’s have a ceasefire,’” she said. “We had a ceasefire in May that was broken by Hamas on Oct. 7th, so let’s remember that, but there may be a few votes in our caucus who may not support the package, but I think by and large, it will be overwhelmingly supported.”

The Israeli government also rejected ceasefire demands, considering them pro-Hamas.

“Until we complete our mission of dismantling Hamas, urging a ceasefire is the pro-Hamas position,” Eylon Levy, an Israeli government spokesman, told Fox News. “Demanding a ceasefire from Israel is saying that Hamas should get away with what it did — and should keep its ability to do it again,” Levy said. (Trending: Dirty Trick Inside Biden’s $100 Billion Bill)

Some members of the “Squad” advocated for a ceasefire. Pelosi also commented on the Republican Speaker’s race, urging them to elect a leader to conduct Congress’s business.

“I hope and pray that when we exit this crisis, we will be able to say resoundingly, yes, we did enough because we spoke through the noise, and we stood firmly in our belief that all lives do matter — as they said when it was our turn — and that each and every one of them is precious,” Rep. Summer Lee, D-Pa., told those in attendance.

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