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We’re All Doomed: U.N. Warns Planet Earth On The Eve of Destruction

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A U.N. report warns of allegedly irreversible impacts on the planet, identifying risk tipping points in areas such as accelerating extinctions, groundwater depletion, melting mountain glaciers, space debris, unbearable heat, and an uninsurable future.

The report highlights the cascading effects of extinctions on food chains and the depletion of water resources, with Saudi Arabia already crossing a groundwater risk tipping point.

Mountain glaciers are melting rapidly, and space junk threatens satellite operations.

The report emphasizes the need for immediate and drastic changes to human actions to avoid catastrophe.

“As we indiscriminately extract our water resources, damage nature and biodiversity, and pollute both Earth and space, we are moving dangerously close to the brink of multiple risk tipping points that could destroy the very systems that our life depends on,” said Zita Sebesvari, the report’s lead author.

“The gopher tortoise, which is threatened with extinction, digs burrows that are used by more than 350 other species for breeding, feeding, protection from predators and avoiding extreme temperatures,” the report said.

“The 90,000+ glaciers of the Himalayas, Karakoram and Hindu Kush mountains are at risk, and so are the nearly 870 million people that rely on them,” the report said.

“We need to understand the difference between adapting to risk tipping points and avoiding them, and between actions that delay looming risks and those that move us towards transformation,” it said.

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