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Trump Gets More Good News

via Fox News

Donald Trump is dominating in poll after poll, despite facing over 91 counts of indictment, among other legal battles across several states.

“We’ve just never seen Donald Trump polling as well as he’s polling right now,” pressed Pollster Rich Baris.

Trump is the first ever former President to be indicted for acts of felony. (Trending: Chilling Update On Biden Bribery Scheme)

Baris added that he believes most voters are approaching the election with an attitude of, “The guy who is under 91 counts of indictment, who did a good job as president, should I vote for him?”

“Or should I vote for the guy who indicted him, who’s not doing a good job?” Baris said.

“President Trump is leading the GOP primary by 50 points and is the only candidate who can win in 2024. Americans cannot wait for his America First leadership to return to the White House,” stated Trump spokesperson Liz Harrington.

“President Trump has reached all-time highs over the entire Republican field and is leading Biden in several key battleground states,” his campaign reported.

According to a recent poll, former President Donald Trump has gained a 1-point lead over President Joe Biden in a head-to-head matchup.

Trump also holds a 6-point lead in a three-way race with independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Trump’s margin increases by 2 points in a four-way matchup with Kennedy and Cornel West. (Poll: Do You Stand Donald Trump? VOTE)

The survey also indicates that a majority of Democrats, Republicans, and independents believe the country needs an alternative to Trump and Biden.

“I will do everything I can to live up to the public’s positive impression,” Kennedy said.

“I’ll do that by conducting a campaign that is courteous and respectful and that speaks to the good in people. I’ll listen to the best of what liberals and conservatives have to offer.”

“Because I think that this desire for another choice besides Biden and Trump is also saying something much deeper. It is a rejection of a divisive, us-versus-them politics,” he continued.

“We have to change the reflex of labeling our opponents as horrible people. First because they aren’t horrible people. Second, because it creates artificial divisions, and our times call for the kind of changes that only a unified public can accomplish.” (Poll: Is the U.S. Heading in the Right Direction? VOTE)

Another survey suggests that Trump and Biden are tied in a 2024 rematch, but Trump would lose by 1 point with Kennedy in the mix.

Kennedy’s candidacy appears to siphon off votes from both Trump and Biden.

The RealClearPolitics average shows Trump and Biden leading their respective fields in the 2024 national primary.

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