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Biden Admin Honors Top Official Who Worked For Soros-Backed Group

via CBS

The Biden administration awarded an official, Adam Hunter, who previously worked for a George Soros-backed organization advocating for an end to detaining asylum seekers.

Hunter, now Deputy Assistant Secretary at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), received the award for expanding immigration entry programs.

The organization he led, Refugee Council USA, called for the end of detaining and deporting illegal immigrants and received funding from Soros’ Open Society Foundations. (Trending: Democrat’s Disturbing Ties to Terrorism Exposed)

“Asylum seekers — including families — in the defensive asylum process have been increasingly incarcerated during the pendency of their cases due to DHS’s increased focus in deterring individuals from coming to the United States,” the report said.

“This system is particularly cruel, since immigration violations are civil, and immigration custody was never intended by Congress to be punitive or carceral,” the report states.

“In the context of asylum seekers, even when they cross between ports of entry for the first time, they have not violated immigration laws,” the report added. (Trending: Kamala Harris Serves Up Another Dish of Her ‘Signature Word Salad’)

The organization includes nonprofits like Church World Service and Amnesty International, which also advocate against immigration detention.

Hunter’s award comes amid ongoing debates about immigration policies and the treatment of asylum seekers.

“This cross-component team collectively designed, developed, and implemented a new process to enable individuals who have U.S.-based supporters to be considered for and granted authorization to travel to the United States and seek parole at the port of entry,” DHS said in a statement regarding the award.

“This innovative process required DHS to build a new system, and fuse new workflows across components, which bolstered the vetting process and provided an orderly procedure to allow those seeking parole to receive travel authorization and come to the United States,” DHS added in the statement.

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