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Democrat Rep. Phillips Turns on Biden For 3 Big Reasons

via FOX

During an interview, 2024 presidential candidate Rep. Dean Phillips expressed his support for President Joe Biden’s policies but acknowledged the existence of affordability, border, and crime crises.

He emphasized the need for change and highlighted issues such as the rising cost of living, expensive healthcare, and inefficiencies in government.

Phillips presented himself as a younger alternative to Biden and proposed addressing these challenges. (Trending: Democrat’s Disturbing Ties to Terrorism Exposed)

Phillips said, “I am a fan of Joe Biden. I admire him. I voted for his policies.”

When asked if he’s “a younger version of Biden, Phillips responded, “No, I’m Dean Phillips. And yes, I’m a lot younger than President Biden. I was three years old when he became a senator.”

“He’s been serving our country for 50 years, and I admire that. But I’m also hearing it’s time for a change. Yes, I voted for his policies as a member of the House Democratic leadership team. I helped distribute those policies and market those policies. That said, there are massive –.”

Phillips was cut off and asked what he would do differently.

“Let me start with affordability, it is a massive crisis in America right now, the cost of living. People’s mortgages are skyrocketing, fuel is too expensive, food is too expensive, health care — if it’s even obtainable — is double the price of anywhere in the world, medicine, three times more than anywhere else in the world,” he continued. (Trending: Kamala Harris Serves Up Another Dish of Her ‘Signature Word Salad’)

“We are falling behind. American middle-class, hard-working people are not being heard. They are angry, they’re frustrated. And that is job one,” he stated.

“We have a border crisis. We have crime in cities and chaos. We have a federal government that is run so ineffectively and so inefficiently, does not focus on customer service, doesn’t use zero-based budgeting, we don’t have term limits.”

“So, therefore, we have the same people making the same decisions, and often the same mistakes time and time again. I’m making a proposition for change,” he concluded.

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