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‘A Matter Of Good Versus Evil’: Mike Johnson Champions Aid To Israel

via FOX

House Speaker Mike Johnson emphasized the importance of providing aid to Israel in its fight against Hamas, describing it as a matter of good versus evil.

He expressed hope for a bipartisan vote on a $14.5 billion aid package for Israel and stated that he believes most or all Democrats will support it.

Johnson proposed using funds earmarked for expanding the IRS to address the immediate and urgent need of supporting Israel.

“Let’s talk about one of those areas of common ground, potentially: this Israel aid package, stand-alone Israel aid. The reporting is that there will be a vote, hopefully Thursday. Is that the time that you’re looking at?” McEnany asked.

“I’m hoping Thursday,” Johnson replied.

“It looks like $14.5 billion is the number that you’re looking at. And you suggest that maybe you’ll get a bipartisan vote here,” McEnany stated.

“I sure hope so,” Johnson said.

“Do you have any sense of the number of Democrats who you think might come?” McEnany asked.

“I hope that it’s most or all of them,” Johnson answered. “I mean, there’s a few people who have philosophical differences on that and we’ll have some intense debates about their opposition to that. But, look, this is a matter of good versus evil.”

He argued that standing with Israel is in the national interest and urged prioritizing it over other expenditures.

Representative Chip Roy also called for swift passage of a stand-alone support package for Israel and suggested redirecting funds from global organizations supporting Hamas and Iran.

Johnson said, “My intention and my desire in the first draft of this bill is to take some of the money that has been set aside for the building and the bulking up of the IRS right now. We have about $67 billion in that fund and we’ll try to take the $14.5 necessary for this immediate and urgent need.”

Johnson told McEnany, “I understand their priority is to bulk up the IRS. But I think if you put this to the American people and they weigh the two needs — I think they’re going to say standing with Israel and protecting the innocent over there is in our national interest.”

Rep. Chip Roy tweeted, “To truly #StandWithIsrael, we should swiftly PASS a stand-alone $14BB Israel-only support package… & PAY FOR that support to ensure our own fiscal & military strength… & STOP FUNDING the soulless globalists (UN, e.g.) supporting Hamas, Iran, & our other common enemies.”

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