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Another Biden Bribery Bombshell Uncovered

via ABC

Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, is facing renewed scrutiny over his financial dealings.

Evidence shows that Hunter received a $250,000 loan from a Chinese businessman shortly after his father announced his presidential campaign.

The loan was later assumed by a Hollywood lawyer and Democrat donor named Kevin Morris.

George Mesires, Hunter Biden’s attorney at the time, claimed “Hunter neither played a role in the formation or licensure of the company, nor owned any equity in it while his father was Vice President,”

Adding, “He served only as a member of its board of directors, which he joined based on his interest in seeking ways to bring Chinese capital to international markets. It was an unpaid position.”

Hunter had a longstanding business relationship with the Chinese businessman, as they co-founded an investment fund together.

Following Joe Biden’s presidency, Hunter shifted the debt to Morris, who also became involved in Hunter’s legal representation.

The connection between Morris and Hunter is currently under investigation.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer has accused President Biden of receiving $40,000 in “laundered China money” from his brother’s bank account, potentially exposing himself to future blackmail from Beijing.

Comer subpoenaed bank records belonging to James Biden and Hunter Biden as part of an investigation into the Biden family’s business dealings.

Rep. Comer alleges that Hunter Biden demanded a $10 million payment from a Chinese associate, and shortly after, $5 million flowed in from a Chinese affiliate of CEFC.

Comer said, “Remember when Joe Biden told the American people that his son didn’t make money in China? Well, not only did he lie about his son Hunter making money in China, but it also turns out that $40,000 in laundered China money landed in Joe Biden’s bank account in the form of a personal check,”

“And the Oversight Committee has it.” confirmed Comer.

Rep. Comer claimed that Hunter “was sitting with his father and that the Biden network would turn on his associate if he didn’t pony up the money.”

Bank records suggest that $400,000 was sent to Hunter Biden’s separate entity, and $150,000 was wired to a company owned by James Biden and his wife.

“Without his family peddling his name and his son threatening a CEFC associate with consequences that he said Joe Biden knew about, James wouldn’t have had the money to write the $40,000 check to his brother Joe,” claimed Comer.

Comer warned that, “In taking funds sourced to a CCP-linked company that wanted to advance China’s interests, Joe Biden exposed himself to future blackmail and put America’s interests behind his own desire for money.”

Rep. Comer promised to “follow the money” and will “hold President Biden accountable for his corruption.”

James Biden then allegedly wrote a $40,000 check to Joe Biden labeled as a “loan repayment.”

Comer vows to hold President Biden accountable for his alleged corruption.

The committee has also found evidence of payments from Chinese companies to Joe Biden and significant earnings by the Biden family from selling Joe Biden’s name.

“According to bankruptcy court documents, James Biden received these loans based upon representations that his last name Biden, could open doors; and that he could obtain a large investment from the Middle East based on his political connections,”

The White House has stated that the president loaned his brother money as a private citizen and was repaid.

Rep. Comer also alleged that, “On March 1, 2018, Americore wired a $200,000 loan into James and Sara Biden’s personal bank account — not their business bank account.”

“And then, on the very same day, James Biden wrote a $200,000 check from this same personal bank account to Joe Biden.” added Comer.

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