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Liz Cheney Gets on Her High Horse to Bash Republicans Again


Former Wyoming Republican Rep. Liz Cheney criticized House Speaker Mike Johnson, calling him “dangerous” to democracy.

Cheney, who is no longer part of the Republican caucus, accused Johnson of acting wrongly by questioning the results of the 2020 election.

She believes that elected Republicans who go along with efforts to undermine the republic, like Donald Trump’s attempts to overturn the election, are dangerous.

“Mike is somebody that I knew well,” she said.

“We were elected together. … Our offices were next to each other. And, you know, Mike is somebody who says that he’s committed to defending the Constitution. But that’s not what he did when we were all tested in the aftermath of the 2020 election.”

“I think that the country unfortunately will come to see the measure of his character,” Cheney said.

“In my view, he was willing to set aside what he knew to be the rulings of the courts, the requirements of the Constitution, in order to placate Donald Trump, in order to gain praise from Donald Trump, for political expedience. And so it’s a concerning moment to have him be, having been elected speaker of the House.”

“One of the reasons why somebody like Mike Johnson is dangerous is because when you have elected Republicans who know better, elected Republicans who know the truth but yet will go along with the efforts to undermine our republic, the efforts, frankly, that Donald Trump undertook to overturn the election,” she continued.

“In order for the party and therefore the country to move away from Donald Trump, he’s got to be defeated. But that means that people who know better have to recognize the stakes. They have to recognize this isn’t a game. This isn’t politics as usual.”

“We’re dealing with somebody who, if he were elected to another term, would most assuredly begin the process very quickly of attempting to consolidate power and, frankly, undo the institutions that protect our freedom.”

Cheney’s political career ended with a blowout in the 2022 Wyoming primary, and she was removed by her House Republican colleagues as chair of the House Republican Conference.

Despite Cheney’s criticism, being labeled “dangerous” by her was noted by many as a compliment to Johnson.

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