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Biden Goes Off-Script After His Speech — It’s WORSE Than You Could Imagine

President Joe Biden's fields questions from Nicolle Wallace via MSNBC

President Joe Biden delivered a speech during the signing ceremony of a proclamation to establish the “Emmett Till and Mamie Till-Mobley National Monument” in Illinois and Mississippi.

At the end of the speech, Biden went off-script and it didn’t go well.

“Before I say even more what’s on my mind, I’m now gonna leave this podium,” Biden said. The video quickly went viral on social media as people mocked Biden’s apparent mental decline.

“What a speech… Epic in its brilliance,” one person commented sarcastically. “So sharp, witty and funny,” another person said mockingly.

“Before I lie even more, Im going to walk away,” another person said.

President Biden is accused of lying during the speech by suggesting he participated in the Civil Rights movement.

Biden talking about his time as a public defender. “It was a lesson I learned coming out of — not like real leaders in the civil rights movement — but when I came out of the civil rights movement as a kid as a public defender.” Biden said.

Biden was a public defender for a brief time. After significant research, BuzzFeed found that Biden defended a cow thief in Delaware.

A poll from NBC found that the majority of Americans (68%) believe Biden does not have the mental and physical health to serve as president.

The poll also found that a staggering 43 percent of Democrats believe Biden is not mentally and physically healthy to serve as president.

This concern among Democrats has doubled since 2020. Prior to 2020, just one in five Democrats were concerned about Biden’s mental acuity.

NBC found that 89% of Republicans agree that Biden does not have the cognitive or physicial abilities to be president.

Biden will be 82 years old in 2024 and claims he will seek re-election as the nominee of the Democratic Party. Given Biden’s long history of physical and mental struggles, it remains unclear whether the Democrat Party will rally behind him and win the White House.

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