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AOC Rages Over Border Wall


Following the announcement of the Biden Administration’s return to border wall construction, Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has labeled the decision as “Trumpy.”

She strongly encouraged the Biden Administration to “reverse course.”

“The Biden administration was not required to expand construction of the border wall — and they certainly were not required to waive several environmental laws to expedite the building,” Ocasio-Cortez stated this week. (Poll: Is America Better Off Under Biden? VOTE)

“The President needs to take responsibility for this decision and reverse the course,” she added.

Ocasio-Cortez went on to post a video on social media, saying, “You could build a great big Trumpy wall on the entire U.S. southern border and it’s still not gonna fix this problem.”

“And if we do not address the migrant crisis at its root, it is still going to continue to be a problem.”

In 2020, Joe Biden vowed not to build another foot of Donald Trump’s wall along the southern border. This turned out to be a lie.

The US immigration system has been fundamentally broken under Joe Biden as the country experiences a historic and unprecedented crisis. (Trending: 20th Busload of Illegals Arrives In Democrat City)

In 2022 alone, the US encountered the highest number ever recorded of illegal immigrants at the US southern border. This represents a 200% increase from former President Donald Trump’s last year in office in 2020.

Under Trump, Americans saw the lowest rate of illegal immigration in over 40 years.

Under Biden, we have seen the highest rate of illegal immigration over 60 years.

General Michael Flynn, who has personally witnessed the problem, describes the situation under Biden as a “mass invasion” that is “out of control.”

Biden notoriously ended Trump’s “remain in Mexico” policy, which forced foreign nationals seeking to enter the U.S. through the southern border — illegally or without proper documentation — to be returned to Mexico.

Biden and the Democrats have falsely claimed President Trump was “racist” and “xenophobic” for his “remain in Mexico” policy.

These individuals needed to wait in Mexico while their legal cases are adjudicated. This border security program under Trump and kept migrants in Mexico as they awaited their hearings.

Biden, on the other hand, opened the floodgates and created a disaster by removing this policy. This signaled that everyone can come through the border even if it’s illegally and without proper documentation.

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