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Mike Pence Demands ‘Need New Leadership in the Republican Party’

via CNN

Former Vice President Mike Pence stated that the Republican Party should move on from the leadership of Donald Trump, emphasizing that Trump’s role in the January 6 events will be judged by history.

Pence stressed his commitment to upholding the Constitution on that day and expressed his belief that the Capitol riot should never have occurred.

He also called for new leadership in the Republican Party and the White House to move forward.

Pence said, “I would say to every American, as I did during my presidential campaign, that I know I did my duty that day to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. I kept my oath. And they also simply need to look to the facts that the Capitol Hill police endured great hardship and great harm. I think over 120 officers were injured. I saw many of them moving threw the garage where I was spirited on the same day.”

“And the truth is that this was a riot that should never have happened. That as I’ve said many times before, the former president’s words that day were reckless. I believe his history will judge his role in that,” he continued.

“I ran for president because I think different times call for different leadership and I’m hoping that the good people of Iowa, that I got to know, that the people of New Hampshire and South Carolina will look at this moment and realize that the elections are about the future and we need new leadership in the Republican Party and in the White House to move us forward,” explained the former vice president.

Pence condemned the Capitol riot and insisted that those involved should be held accountable.

Pence said, “To see people literally breaking windows, ransacking the Capitol, it just infuriated me. I remember thinking, not this, not here, not at the United States Capitol. And I believe everyone that conducted that riot at the Capitol Hill needs to be held to the fullest extent of the law and I’m pleased that many have.”

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