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Zuckerberg Gets Bad News As Congress Moves Forward With New Plan

CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony to Congress | via CSPAN

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta Inc. (formerly Facebook), is under major fire after internal company documents provided evidence that the company censored Americans on behalf of the Biden administration.

This “smoking-gun” evidence was presented by Republican Rep. Jim Jordan, who released emails from April, July, and August of 2021.

Republicans in Congress say they plan to take up a resolution that would recommend a contempt of Congress citation for Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg for refusing to comply with a wide-ranging investigation into allegations of censorship.

Zuckerberg and Meta are accused of “willfully refusing” to comply in full with a congressional subpoena.

Tech executives reportedly suppressed conservative viewpoints on social media at the request of senior advisors in the Biden White House.

As many Americans have witnessed, Facebook allows “independent” fact-checkers to run amok on its platform. They solely determine what the truth really is. However, the fact-checkers themselves are sometimes wrong.

In the months leading up to the 2020 presidential election, fact-checkers censored information about Hunter Biden’s laptop in a massive, politically motivated cover-up scandal. Fact-checkers wrongfully buried the story, labeling it “false.”
The GOP-led congressional panel is scheduled to consider the resolution and escalate its probe.

Zuckerberg and Meta allegedly “played a central role in this censorship scheme, frequently acquiescing and catering to the government’s censorship requests and demands.”

Judiciary Committee chair Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, sent the subpoenas to Zuckerberg and Meta in February, but the company has failed to comply.

Jordan said the committee was seeking internal communications similar to those it had obtained from Twitter, “which talk about when the government was pressuring Twitter trying to get them to take down certain speech.”

“We think the same thing went on in Facebook, but we haven’t got those communications. So that’s what we’ve been pressing for. And if we have to go to contempt on Thursday, we will do that,” he said.

Meta spokesman Andy Stone said, “For many months, Meta has operated in good faith with this committee’s sweeping requests for information. We began sharing documents before the committee’s February subpoena and have continued to do so.”

“To date we have delivered over 53,000 pages of documents — both internal and external — and have made nearly a dozen current and former employees available to discuss external and internal matters, including some scheduled this very week,” Stone added. “Meta will continue to comply, as we have thus far, with good faith requests from the committee.”

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