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Iranian Spies Caught Working In US Government

via Global News

Sen. Ted Cruz has accused three individuals working within the Biden administration of being Iranian spies.

The Department of Homeland Security has placed an asylum Biden official on leave after it was revealed that she had previously worked for the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).

She had also posted anti-Israel content on social media. (Trending: Biden Official Caught Working For Terrorists)

Nejwa Ali, who had been hired in 2019, worked for the PLO in 2016 and 2017 and was later employed by the DHS.

Cruz specifically mentioned Rob Malley, who was Joe Biden’s chief negotiator for Iran and is described as an Iran sympathizer.

Cruz claims that Malley’s top advisers were Iranian operatives recruited and directed by the Iranian government.

“Well, and what you just mentioned with Rob Malley remains one of the greatest national security scandals in our nation’s history. So, Rob Malley was Joe Biden’s chief negotiator for Iran. He’s an incredible Iran sympathizer,” Cruz said.

“He is an advocate, a passionate advocate for the disastrous Obama-Iran nuclear deal. But he also has extraordinarily bad judgment. He’s been fired. He’s had his security clearances stripped, which I want you to pause and think, just how bad does his conduct have to be to have his security clearances pulled by this ideological and radical White House?”

“But we now know also that, among other things, three of Rob Malley’s top advisers, his inner circle that he relied on, were Iranian operatives,” Cruz added. (Trending: Joe Biden Does the Unthinkable For Hamas)

“They were recruited by the government of Iran. They were directed by the Iranian foreign minister. They reported to the Iranian foreign minister.”

“We have their emails now in which they discuss, one of them discusses with the foreign minister that his loyalties are with the government of Iran, and he is there to do whatever they direct, including making the message from within the federal government that there’s nothing wrong with Iran having a nuclear stockpile.”

“You literally had three Iranian spies working in senior positions directly around the U.S. government,” he continued.

One of them allegedly remains a chief of staff in the Department of Defense with access to classified documents.

Cruz criticizes the media for not highlighting this alleged infiltration by Iranian spies into senior levels of the US government.

“One of them, as far as we know, remains a chief of staff in the Department of Defense to this day with access to classified documents. And yet, the corporate media cannot be brought to mention that three Iranian spies were brought into senior levels of government with access to classified materials while working directly for Iran.”

“The same Iran that just murdered 31 Americans and 1400 Israelis. The same Iran directed by an ayatollah who regularly leads mobs chanting ‘Death to America’ and ‘Death to Israel,'” Cruz concluded.

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