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Hamas Exposed By Internal Terrorist Regarding Hospital Use

via WION

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) released footage from interrogations of terrorists and residents from inside Gaza, confirming that hospitals throughout Gaza were used as command centers for Hamas and other Islamic terrorist organizations.

The IDF’s Intelligence Unit 504 was involved in gathering intelligence from inside Gaza and has apprehended over 300 terrorists.

“So far, we have apprehended over 300 terrorists from the terrorist organizations during the ground operation who were brought into Israeli territory for further interrogations,” said a senior official. (Trending: Donald Trump Gets Great News Ahead of 2024)

“The information that emerges from the interrogations of the terrorists is very valuable, leading to elimination of operatives and the preservation of the security of our forces.”

“I was in the Shifa Hospital. There were about 50,000 people who sought refuge. I was there, inside the hospital and I know the doctors there,” he said.

“The doctors were furious because Hamas operatives and operatives of other terrorist organizations were inside the hospital.”

“They [Hamas operatives] dressed as nursing staff but they were not nurses or doctors,” the terrorist admitted.

“Hamas operatives dressed as medical staff in order to blend in within the hospital wards, even in the ICU.”

Interrogation videos reveal that terrorists were located inside Shifa Hospital and Palestinian Red Crescent complex, hiding rockets and other weapons.

Residents were forced to stay with the terrorists, serving as human shields.

“The sheer number of people in the place served as a protection for them,” a Gazan said.

“We became their human shields. It’s obvious that the IDF would not strike a place with 40,000 people in it.”

“We went there to find shelter, and then they came and endangered me and my family at this place,” he said of Hamas.

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