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NFL Legend Crushes Trans Activists

via ESPN

NFL legend Rob Gronkowski took a hard stance on biological men who want to play women’s sports.

Gronkowski was asked, “Should men be allowed to play women’s sports?”

After a short pause, the tight end said it’s an “obvious” no. (Trending: Why Is Biden Giving Amnesty to 700,000 Migrants?)

At six-foot-six and 265 pounds, Gronkowski is known as perhaps the single most physically dominate tight end in NFL history.

“There’s really no thoughts to really even share. It’s the obvious,” stated.

“There are men’s sports for men, there’s women’s sports for women. It should just stay like that. It’s just as simple as that, man. There’s really no argument.” (Trending: Joe Biden’s 2024 Chances Are Officially Dead)

“There should really be no conversation about it,” he added.

“How it’s been is how it should be. Men play men’s sports, women play women’s sports. It’s as simple as that.”

“It’s really unfair if a man went into a women’s sport and played it. It just doesn’t really make much sense to me,” he concluded.

It’s become increasingly popular among young people to choose to “identify” as the opposite gender. As a result, many schools are embracing this transgender movement and allowing boys to switch onto women’s teams.

By Gronkowski saying “there’s really no argument,” this likely refers to the fact there is no convincing argument to allow biological men to compete against women.

In contrast, there are very good reasons to agree with Gronkowski about the significant physical advantage possessed by males and the unfairness of men competing against women.

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