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Democrat Governor Does the Unthinkable

via CBS

Democrat Governor J.B. Pritzker revealed that his state would be steering taxpayer funds away from Illinois residents in order to direct them to the care of illegal immigrants.

“We have taken some of the programs that have pre-existed the crisis and adjusted them to help with the migrant crisis,” the Governor stated.

“Let me give you one example — our rental assistance program,” he continued. (Trending: Biological Man Wins ‘Woman of the Year’)

“We have provided some of that rental assistance money, which wasn’t originally intended to be about asylum seekers, for this challenge.”

When Margaret Brennan of CBS asked the Governor if Chicago could handle the 2024 Democratic National Convention with their current migrant crisis, he responded, “I am confident that we can handle it.”

“But again, it will require help from the federal government, and someone needs to work in Texas with these border politicians to have them stop sending people only to blue cities and blue states,” the Democratic governor said.

Rep. Kevin Schmidt (R-IL) took no time to make clear that Pritzker and other liberal leaders had specifically set themselves up for the crisis.

“The Democrats in Illinois have kind of made this problem on their own by making Illinois a sanctuary state,” Schmidt stated. (Trending: NFL Legend Crushes Trans Activists)

“You have got a lot of liberal elites that are in favor of certain ideologies and policies, but whenever it hits home and they see it in person, it’s a little different world then.”

“They don’t want that in their backyard. They want it in someone else’s, which is pretty typical for a liberal elitist.”

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