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Embarrassing: Joe Biden Misses Filing Date to Appear on Primary Ballot

via ABC

The filing period for the New Hampshire presidential primary has ended.

Former President Donald Trump’s staff removed reserved spots for local journalists and put his campaign photographer up front.

President Joe Biden did not sign up due to changes in the Democratic National Committee’s nominating calendar. (Trending: Democrat’s Disturbing Ties to Terrorism Exposed)

There will be 21 names on the Democratic ballot and 24 on the GOP ballot.

“For any person who in the fourth grade had the dream to grow up and be president of the United States, New Hampshire is a place where they can come and try to make that happen,” said Secretary of State David Scanlan.

“And that certainly is reflected by the large number of lesser-known candidates that we have file for our presidential primary.”

New Hampshire’s presidential primary is the first in the nation and will defy the new Democratic calendar for 2024.

The state’s secretary of state argues that New Hampshire deserves to stay first due to its demographics, small size, and engaged citizens.

“I am hoping to bring visibility to to the victims of abortion and help create a strong place for pro-life Democrats in the political sphere,” she said. (Trending: Kamala Harris Serves Up Another Dish of Her ‘Signature Word Salad’)

The changes to the election calendar, which were made at Biden’s request, are meant to “better empower Black and minority voters.”

Scanlan argued that no state truly represents the nation’s demographics and that New Hampshire deserves to stay first.

“Whether it’s the president or the former president or if it’s one of the lesser-knowns that have come in, if that person walks down Main Street and wants to engage with a New Hampshire voter, they’re going to be received and treated politely and with respect,” he said. “That’s the role we play.”

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