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It’s Time For Al Jazeera To Register As Foreign Agent

via Al Jazeera English

Secretary of State Antony Blinken has reportedly urged the Qatari government to control Al Jazeera’s coverage of Israel’s war in Gaza, indicating that the Biden administration sees the outlet as an agent of Qatar.

Despite Al Jazeera’s failure to register as a foreign agent, as required by the Foreign Agents Registration Act, the Biden administration has not pressured them to do so.

Lawmakers, including Senators Ted Cruz and Tom Cotton, are calling for Al Jazeera to register, citing its biased coverage and ties to the Qatari government.

Dan Marin, spokesperson for Sen. Ted Cruz posted to X, “Al Jazeera consistently pushes the position of the Qatari government, which is often antisemitic, anti-American, and anti-Israel.”

Adding, “The Qatari government has always insisted they don’t control Al Jazeera. Sen. Cruz doesn’t believe that is true, and apparently neither does Sec. Blinken.”

“There is no excuse not to force them to register for FARA.” insisted Marin.

Sen. Cotton has been a vocal critic of Al Jazeera, and recently said, “Israel is fighting an information war as much as a physical one.”

“Biased information can have disastrous consequences — just look at the damage done by the New York Times’ false story about the hospital in Gaza.” cautioned the Senator.

“With the stakes so high, the Biden administration must insist that Al Jazeera finally admit its influence operation.” demanded Cotton.

The outlet has been accused of publishing false information and engaging in espionage operations.

In a joint letter to Merrick Garland, a group of senators insisted that “Al Jazeera+ has willfully ignored DOJ’s mandate and has failed to register as a foreign agent.”

“It is imperative for DOJ to explain what, if any, steps it has taken to enforce the law.” asked the senators.

The Trump administration had ordered a U.S.-based Al Jazeera affiliate to register, but the filing never occurred.

The Biden administration has faced criticism for not holding Al Jazeera accountable.

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